2014 Charity Announced

hhksWe are proud to announce we will be partnering with Helping Heroes Kids in 2014. This partnership, which starts today, will see Armageddon Ambush raise funds for HHK through several channels including online registration, and various media and marketing campaigns.  The main intention of the partnership is to raise funding for the programs and raise awareness for the charity as a whole.

“Last year 2013 was a success, we achieved a goal of raising over $12,000 and sending 3 kids to a full month long summer Camp.   This year we have Teamed up with Armageddon Ambush – These guys are Top Notch.  Our goal is to raise $25,000 and to send 10 kids to summer Camp.” ~ Doug Gillespie

HHK offers two kinds of programs to families who have suffered the loss or disability of a head of household in the line of military or civilian service:

First Year College Programs
We provide up to $15,000.00 for higher education.

Camp Programs
For children who are not yet pursuing higher education we afford the opportunity to attend camp. (Fund requests cannot exceed $3000.00 per child).

To learn more about our programs please contact Douglas Gillespie.

Military and civilian police and fire service personnel really do give the most to protect our society and way of life. Imagine, if you will, the there are no brave men and women to run the patrols through the most dangerous and war torn sectors of the world, laying the groundwork for political stability and freedom among oppressed peoples and nations that would otherwise fall prey to the worst elements of terrorism and tyranny, jeopardizing neighbor nations, and ultimately, the United States and our own homes and families.

These men and women face grave risk routinely and do so with courage of conviction, professional attitude, bearing and sombre sense of duty, many times for much less monetary reward than lesser labours for causes that require smaller sacrifice. Imagine also that there are no police and fire personnel to look after our lives and property on the domestic front.

September 11 raised the consciousness of the Nation with regard to these professionals, and brought to the national mind a notion that these families and those they have served directly have known all along, that for a workman’s wage the noblest and most difficult labours are undertaken with a great spirit, kind heart and devotion to country.

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