Ambassador Program Launched

Become an Abassador

The athlete ambassador program supports like-minded athletes who are respected leaders in their community. We are looking for outgoing and motivated athletes who want to share our event and become a member of our Ambush Army.

These athletes believe in the Armageddon Ambush Mission and our brand’s core values. We support our ambassadors and promote them as they live the Ambush Army lifestyle recognizing them on their achievements in sport and life. An Armageddon ambassador not only pushes their own limits but also inspires those around them to do things they didn’t think possible, conquer fears, Inspire people they come in contact with, raise money for charity and help to change people’s lives.

As an Ambassador, you play a key role in publicly promoting Armageddon Ambush Extreme Mudrun throughout the sport community while also serving as an ambassador in raising the profile of the organization and its values. As a brand ambassador you will be our eyes and ears in your market. Tap into the social and running communities and engage in conversations with our audience: those that run and those that will run for others. Post fliers, talk to businesses, universities, athletic stores and your friends! It’s a fun race and we want you to enjoy being a part of our Ambush Army. All Ambassadors will be outfitted in Armageddon swag. Ambassadors will be rewarded for the number of registrants that use their unique code.

Must possess the following:

  • The Love of Running
  • Infectious Smile
  • Know the brand (we’ll help you)
  • Strong interpersonal skills to engage various types of people
  • The ability to be our voice in YOUR town
  • The ability to motivate people to get up and get running

Armageddon Ambush accepts requests for ambassadorship throughout the year.

As a member of the promoter team you get access to the following:

  • Incentives for each person you get to sign up.
  • Extend a discount to people you get signed up.
  • Event specific marketing materials.
  • Inside scoop on all things Armageddon Ambush.
  • Rewards for top performers.


Why should I want to be an Ambassador? In addition to some cool swag you’ll receive as an ambassador, below are additional incentives:

  • Get 10 people to register and get a free race entry to any of our races
  • Get 20 people to register and get an embroidered Armageddon Ambush Hoodie
  • Get 50 people to register and get a Free pair of shoes
  • Get 100 people to register and get a $250 VISA gift card
  • Get 150 people to register and get a GoPro HD Camera
  • Get 200 people to register and get a brand new 16GB iPad Air
  • Get 250 people to register and get a brand new Macbook Air!
  • Get 500 people to register and get an Armageddon Ambush Getaway


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