What they are Saying

“More than I expected … Challenging, exciting, FIERCE”
~ Gracie Weger, Texas Finisher 2014

“So much fun!”
~ Melissa Tipton Crawford, Texas Finisher 2014

“Had so much fun!! Ready for the next one!!!”
~ Farrah Archer Roberts, Texas Finisher 2014

“Great race. I have run several mud runs, and this one was the most challenging.”
~ Ronda Coats Herl, Texas Finisher 2014

“This was my 1st Mud Run ever and although it was challenging, I had an absolute blast!! Can’t wait for the next one!!”
~ Kristen Montero, Texas Finisher 2014

“I’d been preparing for this run the last 2 months and had something to prove. I finished and had a great time.”
~ Lori Dianne Fuentes, Texas Finisher 2014

“What an awesome time!!! Really pushed myself and had a great time with an amazing group of ladies :)”
~ Teri Lucas, Texas Finisher 2014

“Completed the race with my 2 daughters. A moment we’ll never forget.”
~ Melody Yanez, Texas Finisher 2014

“This proved to be something to fight for from the very beginning for me. Between fellow runners not being able to go at the last minute, unexpected cold weather, and several dropped sitters, it was obviously a test of my will to make a way and show up! Show up I did… despite everything. I showed up and I conquered. Fears, pain, misery and all… as a lone runner! So thankful for the ladies I met and was able to join 🙂 A wonderful experience and so proud of my accomplishment! I’m ready for more!”
~ Chezleigh Hogan Randles, Texas Finisher 2014


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